A pet is so /inherently/ different from a player looting because it doesn’t wait. It can pick up one, five, ten, twenty, fifty, or more items all stacked on top of each other at the same time. Pets are server-sided. A player looting is client-sided. We can only pick up each item individually, and if the connection to the server is severed, or slow because of high traffic, then this time can be extended out of a player’s control.

When we loot an item, the command goes from our client to the server, and the server has to sort everything in order before it gets to us, and then when the server reads the command, it loots the item and sends a reply back, presuming it’s programmed to do a complete loop with each client for each command. This sends back a command telling the game to use the ‘item loot’ animation as well as updating the item to your inventory instead of on the ground. This happens with everything, as that’s how clients speak to servers, but looting items is especially dependent on wait times and anything that could possibly go wrong.

A pet will never have this issue because it’s a loot program directly from the server. There is no communication from client to server. Pet movement is based on the server, so as long as the player is not moving to the server, a pet will move to pick up items. The thing about this is that character movement is client-sided, while MS Mesos skills are server-sided. This is why when other people see you, they can see the attacks as soon as you cast them, but movement goes through a separate connection and is delayed. It’s also why when you’re lagging but not disconnecting, you can move freely but only attack once and then cannot attack again. Because a player’s movement is client-sided, any lag between client and server will be irrelevant. A pet will loot even if you’re lagging, and even if you disconnect. That’s how the game is coded, since it’s done this from the very beginning.


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