First I hated the fact that I had to level my cloth crafting so I could craft plate (If I remember correctly). It just doesn’t make any sense. But now when thinking about things from the power gamer perspective there should be more such cross Albion Online Power Leveling dependencies but ones that actually make sense. Eg. If you want to craft T4 weapons you should know how to use a sword at least T3. How can one make a sword or improve on it without understanding how swords work. I don’t think any human will play an account of refining only. Please add some actually fun profession to support and depend of refining. Sorry, can’t think of anything right now… But something that cannot be done by a bot at least. Maybe this could work in a way that reaching T3 Swords would give a LP rebate towards crafting swords. That would make sense in my opinion.

I am sure this still wouldn’t remove the problem of shared accounts but at least you cannot have a LP maxed character only for refining for example as you would have to do the required dependencies too… The only way to get rid of multi-accounting (which is against TOS by the way) is track the accounts that brake the TOS and close them. Multi characters (on same account as an actual human played main character) are fine and more difficult to share between players, I believe.

On other note, use the guddamm auction houses people. This game is about player economy. Seems now it is just about in-guild economy… I tried to do my part in keeping the Albion Online Silver WestCross AH active and I think it actually worked to a degree. I didn’t see as much activity on the other starter areas :D The Auction houses in the cities were just empty until last day I think.


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