First of all nobody has even mentioned David Gemmell ! I can’t believe that, all his stories are what I consider ultimate fantasy books. The Drenai, Rigante, Jon Shannow books. Fucking awesome. Really immersive, linked worlds and plots, hints that one world was the past/other dimension to another. Loved it. Then he did a bunch of Troy books as well, which I got my name from .Like Toro said I absolutely love Terry Pratchett, I’ve had about 6 of his books for years and recently got around to buying more (Night Watch and Thief of Time) the writing style is brilliant and so unique.

Surprised only 1 person mentioned David and/or Leigh Eddings, the Belgariad and Mallorean series as well as the two related single books, are falling to pieces now because they were originally my dad’s, and I had to buy two new sets just to keep reading them!

I read Tolkien’s Silmarillion, 365 pages, for a 7th grade book report. I believe that giving a 5-minute oral report on the entire book was insanity, but I guess it all worked out. To put it in context, the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings are contained in 1 page of this entire book.

Oh when you go to Cyrodiil, the PvP zone, say you are minimum level 10 to enter, you will be Albion Mall advanced to level 50 for the zone. Your gear, hps, sp, will all scale up to 50. But you are restricted by what you actually have. Meaning I was level 10 when I entered, my normal level 10 gear was scaled up to level 50, but a real level 50 player, his/her gear will be much stronger than mine.


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