This actually covers a couple of items. First, needing tier 2 – current to craft any type of items is very tedious and isn’t fun. If you want to add a silver cost on the higher level stuff, or up the current level materials, that’s fine but having to go around and farm t1 stone for every tier of stone I want to use is just monotonous.
Mobs shouldn’t give less and less fame as they are killed and need to have a MUCH faster respawn, especially in the dungeons (both single player and group dungeons).
Remove all instant travels except ships from starting towns. Letting players move from city to city and expecially to cities located in the middle of pvp zones is just ruining the whole idea of local markets and player run economy. Or if removing the instant Albion Online Power Leveling travel makes the game too difficult (which I do not think), you could just raise the silver costs considerably for muling items with instant travels. Making it insanely costly to move stuff via instant travel to cities located in pvp zones. Currently the game has nothing to offer in terms of local markets, anyone can just travel with the instant travels from city to city to check the markets, completely ruining the idea. For me this is one of the biggest issues in the game currently.

The world is tiny and full of copy paste. Theres just too low amount of red and black zones in general and the fact that dungeons and maps have copied layouts is understandable at beta stage, but won’t be upon release.


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