One idea is that instead of only being exposed as a red dot in that zone it to make it so you are exposed to the WHOLE WORLD. When you open your world map you can see all the red dots in other zones! It may be impossible to implement since the world map is already clunky as is but, think about it. This will open many possibilities. Guilds can claim to be freedom fighters only hunting and killing the red dots. Guilds don’t have to zerg up in random and roam the other zoans wasting precious time hoping to find another guild to fight. More Guild VS Guild action will be taken place, the epitome of the best pvp experience in Albion online, because if a guild sees a group of 15 red dots in their red map they will drop what they are doing and try to fight them.

You don’t understand how much time I have wasted roaming zone after zone looking for a pvp fight. And even when I found one I kind of felt bad because they were only Cheap Albion Online Gold farming and they never wanted to fight. But with this addition, If I see someone with a red dot I know for sure that they are a bloody MURDERER and they want to fight and pvp. This may need an entire reword of the world map, but with this addition I believe it will change Albion Online forever for the good.

This would mean movement abilities are still worth having for PvP, but for travel and PvE it would cut down travel time. The world is small at the moment and I think I remember seeing that the final size is estimated to be 20x what we have now. If that’s the Albion Mall case, then given the limited options for traversing the world, faster travel is really needed. The other option would be the old horse route system between major cities, but I think that’s a little more limiting.



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