I think ‘some’ kind of recall feature would be nice, though I wouldn’t suggest tying it to gold. Stick it to one of the underused professions like an alchemy potion and or make a new Albion Online Silver profession like scribe that can make some spell effect like scrolls and let them target 1 main city on each continent.

It may very well make higher tier resources slightly less valuable as more people will be willing to risk it, but with THAT came the fact that ‘more people are willing to risk it’. This will bring many small group and solo players out their in red/black zones because they believe they have a safety net (quite important to get people to do anything risky). And of course with that there is now more pvp going on as people farm and and kill each other out in those high tier areas.

So such a feature will bring more fun overall to the high level tiers for both groups farming these people and the solo types managing to escape with some good resources and or solo pvpers (which currently can’t do well) having solo targets out there getting resources. All of this while not hurting the guild vs guild thing going on.

Probably a little too limiting at that point. Just tack a silver cost onto it that’s decently expensive as it’s a decent tier item made from some crafter and it’ll help the Albion Mall economy. That would give people another important craft to go after and limit the item as people will have to buy and keep these on hand as well as be nice loot for people that manage to kill these players.



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