I will give you credit for that. You know why the amount of gold is dwindling?
1. It’s beta, so buying gold for $$ is kinda pointless for most players. I understand that they will get their gold back, but why make few hundreds of $$ invested in a game you might not play on release?
2. It’s dwindling because there is less players playing the game.

Now I give you one example, and if you won’t still understand I don’t know how to speak with you:The game is f2p, you have 10000 players playing. There is 1% of players (100) buying gold ( the rich lads, they spend hunderds and dont care). Now you have 9900 Albion Online Power Leveling players than seek to get premium. Some will buy it with $$, some will go buy it gold.Now u have low supply vs very high demand. Those rich kids will spend more and more money on gold as they are making shit ton of silver. In the end the devs still make profit, even if its only 40-50% of the active players have premium account.

Now the game is b2p. You have 1000 players playing that bought the initial game ( cost of 1-2months of premium +-). You still have 1% of players (10) buying gold. Now you have 990 players seeking premium. Some will buy it with $$, some will go buy it gold.Now u have 90 less gold seller vs dramatically lower player base seeking gold. Even if u will still keep 40-50% of active players with premium, the overall profit is 10x lower.


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