I will try not to flame but people with this attitude make it difficult to explain with out it.
Simple explanation is this is not your type of game if you want arena PVP. Just go back to WOW for that.as far needing some kind of huge amount of hours played and grind to Albion Online Power Leveling PVP that is not the case at all. You can be PVP roam ready in under 8 hours of gameplay easy. Most of the people like you complaining about zerging and dieing are just scared or weak willed. You die once or twice and feel the need to complain or quit.

Half the fun of the game of this game is figured out the little niches to the game. Like how to avoid zergs. How to track people in game, Mechanics of combat. How to counter certain builds. How to safely farm any area. The list for this goes on and on. The only way to learn these things is by doing them. Which everytime i see someone like you complaining about it being a zergfest, or always dieing clearly don’t think about any of this and its seems like you just want a boring click button grindfest. Which is why you guys get the go back to WOW scrub comments all the time. Because the things i just mention’d really don’t take much to figure out. Once you get those basic How to’s down you can roam around solo or in small groups 2-4 people and have all sorts of fun.

In the end people harass you because you come here and make suggestions that make no sense for this game. It isn’t designed for the style of play you want. We also don’t want Albion Gold Mall to become another WOW clone.These threads are equivalent to 1000′s of people going to the blizzard forums and making daily suggestions to add full loot and open world PVP to that game. Then complaining why the game doesn’t have those features. It would get old and annoying really quickly for you.



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