My wife and I had a GREAT time leveling up to a point and then started making our first runs into red zones and were annihilated by gate campers. So a big, dominant guild appears to be required and we’re not terribly interested in playing that way, so we’re not progressing. We’re playing something else meanwhile and have stopped logging in, waiting for changes to see if this situation improves and waiting for a wipe.

The devs have a problem, though, they need to keep red and black zones appealing enough to make guilds want to absolutely control them, while at the same time they have to give everyone equal access to gear progression. Take away the ability to control and what’s left for endgame? I see two solutions: 1) take away the ability to control these zones and provide other endgame goals; or 2) (more easily implemented imo), provide powerful stealth and escape mechanisms for small Albion Online Silver groups so that they can enjoy the tension of farming red and black zones without being guaranteed that they will be obliterated for trying. I personally would love the tension and challenge of having to gather and move T8 resources around using only stealth and my smarts to avoid capture. The mini game of stealthing in and out of black zones with a sizeable amount of T8 resources would be hella fun.

It must just be the way you are playing. Because i am getting exactly out of the black zones what you are wanting. Yeah rarely i might run into zerg’s near the entrances. But its not very Albion Online Power Leveling common. More common for me is to run into either nobody or maybe another small group of 2-3 doing the same thing farming resources. If you get sour and quit over dieing once this game is not for you.It you want to learn how to get what you want you can always join the guild i am in. We help newbies out all the time.

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