Well both your and devs’ ideas may reduce items overflooding on the market but they don’t solve the issue totally. Your idea boosts progression by crafting higher tier items while devs’ boosts crafting already unlocked nodes, each one destroying resources/crafted items in the Albion Online Silver process. It’s good for players who want to progress as fast as possible but players who want to progress at a normal pace and make some silver, will still overflood the market. Would like to see how both ideas turn out in the game but that takes time to test properly.

I kindof agree here. We both create a resource and time sink, and we both try and make the process moreAlbion Online Power Leveling userfriendly.But I don’t see how my approach would make it worse for those who want to play like normal, considering that normal will be to either craft with the intent to use or sell, or train rather than craft with the intent of leveling up.

As soon as prices on the market rises to levels that take their materials costs, time costs and skill costs into consideration, rather than reducing the price by taking the leveling-gain into consideration, then the market will open up to be functional for crafters again. That is, a crafters purpose is to take material and refine them into items, in order to add value.

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