Hey all, So as we’re an international guild I figured it would be best that we plan the times for our large dungeons runs in Albion Mall so we get the most people on at the same time. So if you’re interested in doing some of the larger runs please post any preferences you have for dungeon run times (in UTC/Server Time). In addition if post your primary role (healer, tank, dps, etc) that you want to use for the runs so we can optimize groups in case we get 20+ people. Time Preference(UTC): 16:0…

Can’t wait to get home and play with you guys!

Classes are unique in that they are tied to gear. Any player can wear any piece of gear, so equipping a robe will allow the player the ability to use more powerful magic at the cost of defense. Equipping a sword and crossbow will give the player the freedom to engage in melee or ranged combat by buy Albion Online Gold . There are quests to level your battle stats and open world PVP or Guild vs Guild also allow the player to earn experience. This is fairly important later on, as players must venture into dangerous PvP areas to harvest the most valuable resources.

Resources are abundant in the open world, but tiered based on how dangerous the location is. This means players must venture out and gather what they can. Gather too much though, and the player will begin to move slower due to the weight, making him an easy target for a rogue player or nearby mobs.

Once back at camp, the resources can then be used to build items, -such as gear and weapons- which can be used or sold to other players. Non-instanced personal housing is also available and requires the player to gather a multitude of resources in order to complete crafting. Luckily, multiple players can contribute to building one structure. Houses give players more inventory storage, provide a respawn point, give character buffs and it provide a place to hang the spoils of victory. Guilds can even take over whole cities, claiming taxes from those who live within the city, but who must also defend them against other guilds in 20 vs. 20 battles.

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