I bought into this game to test the game and like many others have something to play before release cause lets face it there isnt anything out there atm that is this fun.As you might have noticed have stopped playing because they dont want to farm to much because it is still going to wipe again bybuy Albion Online Gold . So making another wipe will make even more people stop playing cause they dont want to start over again.( one of them me ) I keep on playing because i wan to progress higher and use higher tier of equipment so i know for sure that is the “class” i want to play. If i want to try something else i can just to another three or start a new character. Why do we need to wipe for that ?

I understand people that played from start will be further ahead. This is a testing period and not a full game release. Yes it will be harder for small and new guild to take territory now, But that contra the amount of players that will stop is a huge difference. You can make everyone happy. But wiping now will make a huge impact on the current world as it is already shrinking day by day.

Korn stated in this thread that there wouldn’t be a wipe until the end of. I think one of the things that people tend to overdo is this. They think from their perspective in Albion Mall. They don’t think from the perspective of the devs. If the devs make a significant change, it’s because there is valid reason to do so. That actually means what the majority is saying is something being considered. So in a sense, your feedback is promoting change! But a wipe would negate what resulted in the change in the first place and the devs would have to wait for progression to catch up again. And I’d say that there would be less people to test because people in general are fidgety.

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