I’ll be honest here, I wasn’t looking forward to the end of this series purely on how much I didn’t like it compared to the rest of the quest series. However, if you look at the ending of other quests series, or at least the point that they’re at, the quest rewards are so much cheap rs gold better. What is it about Myreque quests and rewards that, in my opinion, aren’t that great.

With the upcoming quest our reward will be more weapons that won’t be used unless you’re on a slayer task that you should skip anyway, due to the low xp and the fact that they don’t drop anything good. A cosmetic item? Seriously? A title (which I didn’t ever really use the Vyrelord title anyway) and XP. Sure the xp is an ok thing to throw in at the end, but it comes standard with pretty much every quest.

Am I the only one that feels that the Myreque series just doesn’t stand up with the rest? The entire series isn’t all bad, I mean, I’m sure there’s some good rewards, I haven’t done one in awhile as I’ve had quest cape for some time now.

What do you think? Do you enjoy runescape gold the quest series/rewards?

Actually, level 70, easy to replace weapons is amazing. Take the (Presumed) 2h Blisterwood crossbow for example. 2HCBs have very little options atm. You either take a level 60 Dragon Crossbow (which is still sitting pretty at 6-7mil), or have the gear and levels to fight the QBD for a Royal crossbow. Ya, there is Karil’s crossbow, but the fact that bolt-racks can’t be picked up, means almost no one uses it. This would give more options.

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